Textile Rds presents Datashock a ritualistic “Neo – Hippie – Spook – Folk collective from Germany… the new 12″ in our Textile Vinyl Series….

There is no constant line-up, as the group is joined by new members every now and then.
Their music is defined almost entirely by psychedelic multidimensional live-improvisations stemming from 70ies Kraut-rock influenced by contemporary electronic music and psychotic dronescapes. As a result we find complex layers of sultry muffled vibrations met by heavy waves of electronic sound experiments and strangely disfigured images. Here and there reality-distorting bits of whispers and cut-up voices are woven into the texture of these alien patterns of sound. Every step here is like nervously stumbling through the swampy ground of a jungle. Here every look is like a secret glimpse at a hidden ghost-train world.

If, however, you would want to use other bands from past and present as a reference, names like Tangerine Dream or Sunburned might come to mind. Datashock’s music has a similarly warm and organic feel to it. Labels like ‘spooky Psychedelic-Post-Krautfolk’ are at the same time graphic description as well as missing the point altogether.

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