SUN is the unusual pairing of world renowned experimental guitarist OREN AMBARCHI and Australian music figurehead CHRIS TOWNEND.
SUN confirms its authors as two truly original music minds, a languid and sweet pop creation, brimming with sly invention in its classicist frame. These songs simply float into the consciousness with a grand air and sublimely delicate touch. There’s an easy warmth to SUN as well as some darker surprises for added depth and nuance

Sun s/t Preservation (Australie) Staubgold (All) + cd remixes (Mapstation, Pluramon, Pimmon, Hrvatski, Rafael Toral …)


Formed approximately two and a half years ago the group consists of Tony Swain (guitar & samples), Lizzy Swimmers (vocals & violin), David Fulford (electronics & keyboards) and Mark Vernon (electronics & samples). Hassle Hound blend samples and loops from a variety of disparate sources, gelling them together with instrumentation to create quirky off-kilter pop songs. Their sound is lush and melodic and always highly evocative, combining influences from a range of unlikely sources, taking in both the contemporary and the obsolete, high and low fidelity, the popular and the obscure.

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