David Louis Cintron “World Views”

Second coming in our Textile fanzine series: David Louis Cintron “World Views”

A5 24 pages handnumbered black & white riso print fanzine + Audio Tape

Limited to 100 copies

David Louis Cintron has been working as a multi-disciplinary artist, musician and designer since 1990. He produces artwork and music daily at his studio based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 

Inspired by the outside natural world as well as the inner spiritual world, David’s current body of visual work consists of color rich and expressive abstract paintings as well as evocative ink drawings that are featured here in his new World Views book. 

David works intuitively and spontaneously. His automatic compositions, depicting images emergent from the unconscious mind, are an exploration and discovery of form and formlessness, negative space and imagined structures. The World Views project is a fragmentary glimpse into another world, a partial record of visual and audio notes from the past 3 years.

Along with his solo instrumental work, David leads the hard rocking kosmische musik of Terminal Lovers. He is a member of ambient soundscapers, Blind Spring, was a guitarist in Pere Ubu and has played, toured and recorded with many others over the last 35 years.

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