Sister Iodine “Helle” CD


Seminal French group Sister Iodine terrorized the first half of the 1990s with their blend of white noise and no wave. Undoubtedly influenced by Sonic Youth and The Ex, the trio showed off with their screams, raw sex appeal, and an arty disposition during their live performances. With a bit of a break to explore the electronic world under the moniker of Discom, Sister Iodine regrouped at the end of 2004. They recently finished recording a new album in Brooklyn at Nicolas Vernhes’ studio (Black Dice, Cat Power, David Grubbs).

French pionner experimental rock band (trio) founded in the early 90’s, Sister Iodine made themselves known with 2 albums recorded on the R.I.P french Label ‘Semantic’; ADN 115 (1994) & Pause (1997), collision between the savage energy of No Wave, the game of collage tapes and exploration of their instruments inspired by concrete music, their primitive love of Noise, and the scientistic rock approach of innovative bands like This Heat.


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