ASTRAL SOCIAL CLUB “Model Town in a Field of Mud” LP


Model Town in a field of Mud is the result of a collaboration between Neil Cambell and John Clyde Evans.

This album was recorded largely thru the post during John’s year long stay in India. (although the very last few minutes are the duo live in Sheffield right after he returned).

This album is a 50/50 collaboration, hopefully the first of many!

John Clyde Evans has a lenghty career, even if he did “disappear” for a few years. John was in the band Hood (Domino Recordings) then cut a couple of great solo records, then disapeared, reappearing using his Sikh name of Tirath Singh Nirmala, cutting an LP with Richard Youngs, then reverting his original name and droping the magnificent “ Apetal Thunderfall” CD on us earlier this year!!

Neil Campbell is a cornerstone of the UK underground and played in Vibracathedral Orchestra, Sunroof, A Band, with Richard Youngs, Damo Susuki and many many other artists.

Despite some esoteric path, Model Town in a field of mud reconfirm John and Neil intentions to blast techno into the Stratosphere

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