B.H. began as a duo (Gordon Brady bass guitar & Gareth Langford drums), around 2003 as a reaction to the original 13th note café/bar in Glasgow going into receivership/liquidation.
As a two-piece they played a couple of gigs to enthusiastic crowds, pulling them away from the bar & drawing them to the front of the stage. Their set consisted of instrumental numbers all their own, seat of your pants jams & improvised pieces that pointed in all different directions, crazy light projections flashing accompaniments.

Looking to add to the overall sound of the band, the boys recruited two friends, (Jim Davidson 2nd bass & Colin Stewart vocals), to fill out the sound while still keeping their stripped down “rat” sound that was the driving force behind the duo when they let loose. Only now with spoken word verse in a local dialect, the 2nd bass allowing the 1st space & vice versa.

Bubblewrap Holocaust is one of these band that popping up with a more punk edge but not the spikey haired kind!!!! The band captures the primal thrust of punk and the playfullness of 60’s garage…The Stooges meet The Fall… an Amalgam of sloppy guitars, speedy base line and cahotic catchy tunes. The defining element of Bubblewrap is the singer’s snarling voice and offensive lyrics between irony and geekery. Colin speak-sings every song in a thick Scottish brogue… think about Mark E Smith…yes you can!
This debut album is a great collection of short punchy songs each dynamic to sustain many repeated listen!

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