Joanne Robertson “The Lighter” LP


The Lighter is a collection of intimate interior portraits, reminiscent in spots of Sybille Baier, Barbara Manning, even Hope Sandoval, but all performed with an addictive off-kilter grace that suspends time in a very special way. Cunningham’s production has a luminous simplicity which allows Joanne’s voice and guitar to breath as one, emitting whiffs that seem new and old at the same time.

A devotee of serious art theory, Joanne would (I’m certain) like to place all of this in a theoretical context, but it’s such a goddamn wonderful listen, I suggest we all just pull up some chairs and some fires and some drinks, and lift a toast (or a series of ‘em) to The Lighter’s magnetic magic.

A dark room, and empty bed and you. That’s all it takes.

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